A film calle 'Lunch wiht Madame Murat'. The restaurant is now known as Chez Jeanne

The Films

In 2004 the Murat family celebrated the centenary of their small village restaurant in Pomarède - not far from Mary's house.


The film traces the family history and the style of food that is based on fresh, local ingredients. It also touches on the problems small local businesses such as this face with increasingly stringent European Union regulations


It's a heart-warming story that captures a much-loved traditional way of life in rural France that is fast disappearing.

‘Lunch with Madame Murat’

(Available from Dymocks and JB Hifi)


Five generations of women in one family have owned and operated the restaurant, and the film follows their journey from its humble beginnings in 1904 when Françoise Garrisou opened her kitchen to travelling timber workers and local tradesmen at lunchtime. The original menu was simple: soup cooked over an open fire, homemade crusty bread, cheese, wine and coffee. But in time the food has became more varied and the clientele has expanded.


These days the restaurant is run by Jeannette Murat, the fourth generation; and her daughter Sylvie Faurel. Six days a week they prepare a delicious five course lunch for between forty and fifty local workers, as well as tourists who have discovered the delights of the local cuisine.


There will also be a DVD of the film that will feature additional segments including a mini travelogue of The Lot; a peak at another local restaurant ‘La Recreation’ that has been made famous by an American travel writer in a book titled ‘From Here You Can’t See Paris’; a look at Mary’s village house in Frayssinet-le-Gelat and lots of mouth watering food preparation in the kitchen of Madame Murat.

Lunch with Madame Murat

Lunch with Madame Murat

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