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Mary Moody French Tour

Imagine walking this ancient pilgrimage route through France … known as The Way of Saint James it’s oldest of all the pathways leading to Santiago and it was lost for centuries but has now been rediscovered with great delight by walkers from all over the world.

I am now taking people walking this section of the Camino twice a year – in May and September. It’s a twelve-day journey that takes in the best of the scenery and the ancient towns and villages along the way. The highlight of this expedition is the regional food and wine that we will sample every day – from the heights of Avergne down through the Lot Valley and up into Basque country towards St Jean Pied de Port.

We stop for an aperitif at my house in Frayssinet-le-Gelat and we lunch at the restaurant Chez Jeanne, that I wrote about in the book Lunch with Madame Murat.

I describe this trip as walk-walk-walk; eat-eat-eat, drink-drink-drink and then sleep-sleep-sleep. I love it.

Bookings & further information for this trip can made via the Utracks expeditions website.

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Mary Moody French Tour
The village in France has a 12th century church on the crossroads.
Mary Moody French Tour
The little stone house is cosy and welcoming.
Mary Moody French Tour
This is a traditional pilgrim meal called Aligot. It’s a rich and delicious mix of potato, cheese, garlic and cream served here with a local sausage.
Mary Moody French Tour
My book is a tribute to the five generations of women who have kept this restaurant going for more than 115 years.